Welcome to The Refinement Studio, where we transform girls and boys into ladies and gentlemen. Our workshops are designed to build character by developing self confidence, boosting self esteem, and reconnecting you to social interactions.

The Refinement Studio teaches etiquette workshops to children, ladies and gentlemen from 5-adult. We offer interactive teas for girls and boys 5–12 years old and interactive workshops for ladies and gentlemen 13-adult. We teach grooming, basic courtesies, proper introductions, polite conversations, social refinement, correspondences, table setting and table manners as well as formal tea and professional etiquette.

Our desire is to create a place to learn and to begin to implement what it takes to be the "You" you have always wanted to be.

Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.- Clarence Thomas
To teach children, ladies and gentlemen the rules of etiquette.